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tiffany jewelry outlet
is rendered poignant because it shows the decrepit bourgeoisie as so impoverished of loveobjects and so incapable of facing the new world that they long for death at the hands of their familiar old family retainers. On the other hand the poem could be equally plausibly taken to mean. ." But, Arif could not at all be stopped from overflow ing with another couplet Ki le ashrafiyanedil ke hum ashraafhi qallaab Kiya hamen maikash sir Saqi ka inqilaab! the beauty of which so intoxicated him that he broke off to utter fervent w aahwaahs and other such tiffany jewelry outlet expressions of rapture. "Ah!' said smiling at the excitable young Pakistani, " low tiffany outlet well. I remember the poet reciting those lines, howwide he opened his wounded eyes, how he turned and twisted his tortured lips, for. indeed, for one of his class, what could be a more bitter confession? Faiz has spoken of'khoon ke ashrajiyaan' blood dripping with the sound of falling gold coins but, our poet says, that the counterfeiters of the heart's coinage its gold mohurs, and sovereigns, and dinars were those of his ow n class, the Ashraaf, the anointed nobles, whose one matter for pride w as their uncalculating munificence at least, to members of the Saqi's profession. Yet, since they paid in counterfeit coin, the rebellion of the Saqi which they thus brought about has tiffany and co outlet by a bitter irony turned Dnnk, which was for most but an elegant distraction, into a remorseless Destiny and thus rendered the absence tiffany & co outlet of the Saqi the locus classicus for Alcohol's Erinyes..." tiffany and co outlet
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tiffany jewelry outletBut, I was unable to develop this theme because Arif interrupted again "GhayahieSaqi mein hai buleaainaemiraalhulsuraah Par ho Ayyar nadeem to mumkin nadaamathesharaab! "In the absence of the Saqi, perhaps one can find an idol, beautiful as a mirror, reflected in the waters of the mirage, but. our poet says, if a traitor is the boon companion then one is bound to repent drinking..." Subconsciously, I must have been aware something was wrong, for I glanced up and saw my hosts struggling to suppress laughter. All in a moment, my vague unease crystallized into certainty Arif, had deliberately mispronounced the word Ayyaar traitor so that it sounded like my surname! I was amazed diat a socalled lj»raMussulman could commit such a glaring breach of etiquette as to label his own guest a traitor in front of polite company! I simply had no words but just opened and shut my mouth like a beached fish. tiffany co outlet Suddenly a noise, like a death rattle, issued from Prof. Pushair s


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