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been convicted

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been convicted

After they had been convicted MBT of their transgression by the solemn inquisition of the Almighty, the state and disposition into which they had fallen, aiid under which they had acted, was described to them in the awful terms, " Thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field."Their transgression in assuming the divine prerogative, by attempting to conduct their religious concerns by the power of their own unsubjected will, ws more offensive in his sight, than if they had erred only by yielding to the propensities of their animal nature, as exhibited in the dispositions of MBT Shoes Sale the domesticated ." cattle," or the lfcss restrained "beasts of the field""Upon thy belly shalt thou go." The soul cannot, in this state, retain the dignified, upright position in which it was pa$ed, and which it was designed to maintain, reigning over and governing the natural powers and propensities, hut is fallen into a state o&complete prostration below them. " And dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life." The metaphor of dust appears to be derived from a comparison between the natural traveller in the high' way, and the spiritual traveller in his journey through life. As the former, by his walking, leaves the impressions of his footsteps in the dust, so the impressions made by the manner of walking of the spiritual travel lerstheir keeping in the right wayrtuming aside from itor their different footsteps are figuratively called dustor the dust of their feet. Thus the food of the soul'in this degraded MBT Trainers state is derived from the operations of the natural mind, reflecting on past experience, referring to acquired knowledge, or die examples of others, and exercising a judgment by its own selfsufficient powers, with relation to the duties of re«? ligion. And thus the selfsufficient teacher, whose duelling is in the dust, can judge of his duty, or regulate his conduct cording to former experience, MBT Shoes the formal rules and ceremonies of his order, or the practice of others. If he even incline to gratify himself in any thing beyond his prescribed limits, he finds it is no more than good men and approved saints have done When the disciples were commissioned to go on their gospel message, they were commanded to shake off the dust of thrir feet, as a testimony against those who would not receiye


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