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sit with them, they are mahram for me same as they are mahram for you. "Now, all this may seem perfectly reasonable to us here in India but what you have to remember is that much of rural Pakistan is still in the dark ages. The lieutenant lost his temper, He felt his orthodox Sunni religion, his family tradition, his ancient village ways, all were being mocked at and derided Worse, he may have feared for his namoos family honor. Perhaps, Arif only accepted his invitation in order lo divert himself with an affair with a naive village girl! Whatever the provocation, the lieutenant went too far. Ie said you tiffany & co outlet Sh'ias are such lechers you cover prostitution under the holy name of marriage! Arif tried to argue that mu tiffany and co outlet 'ttah marriage is not encouraged by our Imams, but the lieutenant had completely lost his rag and started condemning all muhajirs immigrants from India accusing them of being loose livers, and always on the make and so on. Arif saw red and hit the lieutenant. A senior officer chanced to be passing The lieutenant did the decent thing and took the blame on himself even though he knew it would tiffany co outlet go on his permanent record. Arif tried to put things right, but it was too late. Actually, he'd have welcomed a court martial, if it meant being able tiffany jewelry outlet to clear the lieutenant. But the lieutenant had already made his statement. Arif was bilged and co outlet
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tiffany jewelry outlet It was a terrible humiliation. But, it was all part of a pattern. That damned taste for doggerel! it keeps getting him into trouble. I mean, like today of course it was very naughty of him to invent those verses especially seeing as Lai Salam was, after all. my husband's Uncle but, still you can't deny it had its humorous side mean. Uncle or not, the man really was so wretched an excuse for a poet that it would have been impossible for you to tell the parody from the real thing. Arif's father, too. wrote incredibly badly in his case because he imagined he was enriching Urdu by adopting English syntax. And he had no taste. That's why he took that tiffany outlet puerile opera of Lai Salam's on a tour of the cowbelt. So. in a sense, Arif s anger against Lai Salam is quite justified. Still, he must give up this deplorable habit of improvising doggerel. But then, perhaps, it's hereditary it was his father's limerick on his old drinking buddy, Bhutto, that brought the family to India in the first place


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