the insurrection

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the insurrection

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the insurrection

That the insurrection of Minister will be admitted as applicable, is very probable; their wild practices having been long held up by succeeding persecutors, as a reason whereon to ground their determined cruelty to the poor anabaptists of following ages, who were not only innocent of their conduct, but altogether disclaimed their unchristian practices. Those mad enthusiasts had cried up adult baptism; and this was made a handle against all MBT Trainers that afterwards practised it, however innocent iri their lives, or dutiful to the government they lived under.It is also very probable that the war of the Rustics,f as they were called, will be allowed its plae in the MBT Shoes application MBT Shoes ; of which Mosheim writes,£ That in the year , a prodigious multitude of seditious fanatics, arose like a whirlwind, all of a sudden, in different parts of Germany; took arms, united their forces, and waged war against the laws, the magistrates, and the empire in general ; laying waste the country with fire and sword. But in a pitched battle, fought at Mulhausen, they were defeated, destroyed m great numbers, and Munzer, MBT Shoes Sale their ringleader, taken, and put to death. As many of these people, notwithstanding their inconsistent conduct, had propagated an opinion, which was also held by many eminent reformers, " That a great reformation would take place, through the influence of the Holy Spirit," this doctrine was afterwards looked upon as odious; and the wild practices of these MBT people werefrequently revived in remembrance, to brand the cha racters of innocent men, who, conscientiously dissenting from the established forms and practices prescribed by the different parties, were pressing after a more thorough reformation.The war of the Hussites and Bohemians, appears to have arisen in part, or at least to have been hastened, by a desire to revenge the barbarous massacres of John Huss, and Jerome of Prague, in violation of the safe conduct granted them; their enemies declaring that no terms were to be kept with heretics.Mosheim, treating of this dreadful war, says, "The acts of barbarity that were committed on both sides, were shocking and terrible beyond expression. For notwithstanding the irreconcilable opposition that there was between the religious sentiments of the contending parties, they both agreed in this one horrible point that it was innocent and lawful to persecute and extirpate the enemies of true religionand such they reciprocally appeared in each other's eyes.


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