I was so fond

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I was so fond

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I was so fond

"What! My litde book I was so fond of, and worked over, and meant to finish before Father got jimmy choo home? Have you really burned it?" said Jo, turning very pale, while her eyes kindled and her hands clutched Amy nervously.
"Yes, 1 did! 1 told you I'd make you pay for being so cross
jimmy choo shoes yesterday, and 1 have, so ..."
Amy got no farther, for Jo's hot temper mastered her, and she shook Amy till her teeth chattered in her head, crying in a passion of grief and anger...
"You wicked, wicked girl! 1 never can write it again, and I'll never forgive you as long as 1 live."
Meg flew to rescue Amy, and Beth to pacify Jo, but Jo was quite beside herself, and with a parting box on her sister's car, she rushed out of the room up to the old sofa in the garret, and finished her fight alone.
The storm cleared up below, for Mrs. March came home, and, having heard the story, soon brought Amy to a sense of
jimmy choo uggs the wrong she had done her sister. Jo's book was the pride of her heart, and was regarded by her family as a literary sprout of great promise. It was only half a dozen little fairy tales, but Jo had worked over them patiently, putting her whole heart into her work, hoping to make something good enough to print.


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