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curiosity mightPerhaps curiosity might have conquered resentment, if Beth had not been there to inquire and receive jimmy choo shoes a glowing description of the play. On going up to put away her best hat, Jo's first look was toward the bureau, for in their last quarrel Amy had soothed her feelings by turning jo's top drawer upside down on the floor. Everything was in its place, however, and after a hasty glance into her various closets, bags, and boxes, Jo decided that Amy had forgiven and forgotten her wrongs.
There Jo was mistaken, for next day she made a discovery which produced a tempest. Meg, Beth, and Amy were sitting together, late in the afternoon, when Jo burst into the room, looking excited and demanding breathlessly, "1 las anyone taken my book?"Meg and Beth said, "No." at once, and looked surprised. Amy poked the tire and said nothing. Jo saw her color rise and was down upon her in a minute."Amy, you've got it!""No, 1 haven't.""You know where it is, then!""No, I don't.""That's a lib!" cried Jo, taking her by the shoulders, and looking fierce enough to frighten a much jimmy choo braver child than Amy."It isn't. I haven't got it, don't know where it is now, and jimmy choo uggs don't care."
"You know something about it, and you'd better tell at once, or I'll make you." And Jo gave her a slight shake."Scold as much as you like, you'll never see your silly old book again," cried Amy, getting excited in her turn."Why not?""I burned it up."


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