The best shoes is Nike acg sandals

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The best shoes is Nike acg sandals

Bài gửi  gianggiangonline on Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:07 pm

Laura Williams, diet and fitness expert, thinks that while wearing the MBT sandals is better than nothing, nothing replaces learning good posture, permanently. "Of my clients who have tried MBT sandals shoes, some have had to stop wearing them because they have aggravated bad backs and hips. The problem is that everyone has their own bio-mechanical quirks and if you wear these shoes without proper recommendation and instruction, they can make things worse. And then, what happens when you take the shoes off? I always think that if you were to go to a couple of Pilates classes then you would be able to improve your posture yourself, but some people simply aren't going to do that. And I've certainly seen anecdotal evidence that they do work for some people, just not for everyone."
However, she rejects any idea that the MBT kisumu sandals beat cellulite. "I just can't see how they could help. Cellulite is just the way that women store fat. Specific weight training and some caffeine-based creams are the only things that have been shown to do anything to the appearance of cellulite. To make any difference to your muscle tone you have to be lifting quite a lot of weight at 20 repetitions; even if the shoes do, as they claim, activate your glutes [the bottom's muscles] by nine per cent, I can't see that making any difference."
Hannah Snow, 31, an events organiser, bought her Nike ACG Sandals five years ago and wore them daily for two years. "At my old job I walked into work four miles each way and I was finding it quite easy in normal trainers. I wanted to step up the work-out but I didn't want to run into work and so these trainers seemed like a good idea – and everyone else was raving about them. I wasn't convinced - and they were hideous - but I gave them a go. They toned my muscles but they didn't do anything about the fine layer of cellulite that covered some of the top parts of my leg – so I had all these toned muscles but you couldn't see them!"
Sammy Margo of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists believes that mbt shoes are not necessarily a bad thing – but they're not for everyone. " They can possibly help people with stiff backs, who do jobs that involve a lot of standing. Ideally, you should get them only on the recommendation of a physiotherapist and should be trained to use them properly. They are not a cure-all for modern life." It's written by 451665369q on 8.26.

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